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AviCenna OTS
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AviCenna OTS (Online Transcription System) is a web-based solution that converts voice records into texts in order to form medical reports (radiology / pathology / nuclear medicine, etc.) at health care organizations.

This system really speeds up the process of medical reports at health care organizations. At the same time, it provides significant resource savings in terms of both individuals and time. The user will save the report to be written by using the voice recording devices without using a computer at all. Then, the user sends this audio file to AviCenna Online Transcription System application. The audio data that has been sent is automatically converted into the text and transmitted back to the corporate data system in an integrated manner.

AviCenna Online Transcription System provides doctors working at health care organizations with writing reports in a safe and rapid way. In this respect, this system aims to minimize the loss of time for the doctors to prepare their reports by entering more data more quickly. AviCenna Online Transcription System consists of the following main components:
1) Voice, Data Collection and Delivery
2) Monitoring the Status of Voice Data
3) Quality Control (controlling the voice data and text synchronically)
4) Approval of the Report
5) Report Template Design
6) User Security and Authentication
7) Information Services.


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