Human Resources Policy

For the purpose of providing high quality product and service, to be open to change, to be creative and to prioritise the personal development of our employees who are our prize possession are our most fundamental targets..


Believing the importance and necessity of the team work, we allow our employees to adopt the works as if such works were their own works with the awareness of the fact that our employees are the members of DataSel family and we try to create a working environment in which our employees can increase their creativeness and efficiency.

DataSel carries out the personnel selection scrupulously and carefully in order to provide its clients with high quality and superior service. While employing personnel to the departments under the company, DataSel provides opportunity not only to the persons who have experience on the concerned field, but also to the persons who have the skill and desire for self-improvement.

The applicants who are appropriate for the required position and the job definition are invited to the interview following the examination of their written applications they have previously made. The purpose at this first interview is both to try to know the applicant personally and to evaluate his compliance with the conditions required by the position applied to. The interviews are not an examination, but conversation meetings for knowing each other better. At the next stage, the persons who have appropriate qualifications are invited again and a second interview is made. When a mutual agreement is made, our new friends join into the DataSel family and start to work.

The personal information of the applicants who have not the appropriate qualifications are kept confidential and saved in the CV pool. When an appropriate position occurs for these applicants in the future, they are invited to the interview again.

If you want to take part in a team consisting of members each of whom is a specialist and if you comprehend the development as a part of your life, you can send your curriculum vitae to our address specified below by e-mail.

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DataSel Bilgi Sistemleri A.Ş.

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