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AviCenna GP
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Avicenna GP (General Practicioner Information System), is a 100% web-based family practice application managing the process of sending the data requested by the Ministry within the scope of The Ministry of Health, Health.NET application and providing the continuity of information between the individual and the family doctor.

Call Center (for TR)444 74 55
Avicenna GP application incorporates many innovations in terms of technology, functionality and approach. Based on the scientific methodologies, it keeps past and future health records of the individual by taking gender, age and illness into consideration. By considering the duties and responsibilities of the family doctor, the application has been developed in a way to include relations of the processes and the individual's life cycle.

More visual and graphical display elements are based on for the saved data within the application. In this way, more data can be perceived faster and faster decisions can be made.

DataSel Call Center application provides all kinds of support with the awareness of quality service and family doctors can receive support 7/24 via online of by phone at 444 74 55.
Virtually, Avicenna GP is a web-based application and the application can run online or as a desktop application. When the user profile and processes are taken into account, user-friendly Microsoft Silverlight technology which is convenient for a lot of data entry in a short time has been utilized.

Avicenna GP application helps doctors to make more precise decisions by observing the past and future processes of individuals. By the performance follow up module within the application, family doctors can follow their instant performances and work load; thus they can conduct more reliable work planning.

Avicenna GP application consists of seven basic modules. Each main module contains sub-modules at the same time.
◆Individual Management System
...◇ Patient Registration, Patient Personal Affairs, Death Declaration etc.
◆ Resource Management System
...◇ Appointment Follow Up, Stock Follow Up
◆ Health-Net Communication System
...◇Health Net Data Sending
...◇ Health Net Data Receiving
...◇ Identification Sharing System Integration
◆ Individual Examination System
...◇ Clinic, E-prescription, Online Protocol etc.,
◆Periodical Treatment Planning System
...◇All Follow-up ( infant follow-up, children follow up, vaccine follow up, 15-49 women follow up etc.)
◆ Performance System
...◇ Performance Follow Up
◆ Reporting System
...◇Dynamic Query and Reporting, Printed Reports, etc


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