AviCenna AIS
Every second counts during an emergency. AviCenna AIS

AviCenna AISEvery second counts during an emergency.
AviCenna Ambulance Information System (AIS) is a solution designed for healthcare providers’ ambulance and emergency services. AIS enables the instant examination, analysis and preparation patients while transferring them to the facility within the crucial time in the given ambulance. AIS allows monitoring of the vital signs and other medical information (through direct integration with medical devices within the ambulance) of the patient realtime and online from the facility while the patient is being transferred. AIS aids the ambulance personnel to find the nearest hospital and the transfer of the patient’s medical information in a timely manner.

Sample Project
AviCenna AIS is an application that entitles 3 main modules;

◆ Ambulance Information Entry Module
- Management of Ambulances and users
- Case Information Management
◆ Health Organization Data Query Module
◆ Emergency Service Management Application Module

Solution Features & Advantages
◆ Easy to use, ability to use through tables / touch – screen
◆ Immediate access of realtime patient vital data from the healthcare facility
◆ Direct integration with Medical Devices (Blood Pressure, Pulse, ECG, SpO2, etc)
◆ Secure and web based
◆ Ability to use across all platforms
◆ Scalable and flexible modular platform
◆ Integration with HIS through web services
◆ Online data query and monitoring of the patient realtime
◆ Enabling the healthcare facility to smartly prepare prior arrival of the critical patient
◆ Numerous performance indiciatiors and data analysis
◆ Rapid and easy data analysis
◆ Instant access
◆ Automated data push and pull.

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