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AviCenna Telemedicine Platform is a web-based telemedicine application that allows to evaluate vital values of patients - such as; blood pressure, glucose, pulse etc. from any location by using vital sign measuring devices and centralize those measured values by using 3G technology or internet connection.


AviCenna Telemedicine Platform provides the initiation of necessary follow-up and support at any time that the patient needs by transmitting the vital values to a health institution whether or not the person has chronic disease(s). In this way, it provides an easy way to share vital values from any location and get medical support.

TeleTıp AviCenna Telemedicine Platform is a web-based Remote Patient Monitoring Platform designed to provide primary healthcare for individuals living in an area with insufficient medical personnel.
This can be used on the web by individuals, doctors or companies. This two-way system provides the interpretation of vital values by medical personnel.
AviCenna Personal Health Record (PHR) makes it possible individuals to monitor their own medical histories through the integrated system.
AviCenna Telemedicine Platform can serve an unlimited number of users due to its feature of connecting different telemedicine devices with digital outputs.
Provides the analysis of vital values sent over the web and emergency analysis over the incoming data.
Individuals can access their own data real-time with the maximum safety and comfort.
Provides assistance for individuals from anywhere and at any time.
Allows remote patient monitoring with the vital values.