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Leave all works from their admission in the hospital to the discharge healthfully from the hospital to AviCenna. Let your personnel have more time for care and attention in service.

AviCenna creates the e-health revolution in the provision of health services. A full- equipped Hospital Information Management System, AviCenna is an e-health infrastructure platform based on the standards. AviCenna, with this infrastructure platform, automatizes the management of different data and services in the digital environment, and incorporates the results into an apparent picture on a single screen, and ensures that this picture can be immediately shared with other authorized institutions and decision makers. AviCenna includes medical, financial and managerial modules. These modules are adapted to the specific needs of each institution, and all processes are ensured to be followed, and the burden is taken away from the personnel. Since the Avicenna modules that ensure the limited hospital sources to be efficiently used in an easy operable, traceable, efficient and profitable hospital, and minimize the losses of service losses are produced by the same company, they can work in full integration and be easily adapted to the changing legislation. Regardless of your needs, pay more attention to your patients with AviCenna that is specific to your hospital and fully integrated with all functions of your hospital.

AviCenna Mimarisi

Being a full-equipped hospital information management system, Avicenna has an architecture based on J2EE sofware base. Since it is of Java origin, AviCenna has the capacity of installation and running in all operating systems. By using Spring software, AviCenna can be easily adapted to the special needs of each client and the system parameters through the mechanism of content parametering of XML files.

Avicenna includes four separate flexible running layers namely presentation, communication, peristence (database) and business intelligence. Avicenna uses J2EE server as software platform and needs an independent database software in order to develop the process records. Due to the operating system and database independency, Avicenna is softwate having low installation and operating cost.

With the support of multi-lingual structure and different currencies, AviCenna can play an active role in the international structurings as well.

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