HealthNET is an integrated, reliable, rapid and enlargeable information and communication platform which aims at collecting each type of data produced in the health institutions from the location where they are produced pursuant to the standards and increasing the efficiency and quality in the health services by producing proper information from the collected data for all shareholders.

The thing which is desired to be done with HealthNET is to facilitate the access to the health information and to increase the service quality by securely keeping the health data of the citizens “from birth to death and after death” at the center. By sharing the diagnosis, test and examination data within the scope of patient’s privacy, it will be ensures that our doctors and health institutions access to the health data of the patients and it will be allowed that our citizens get better service at the hospital in a shorter period of time. The effectiveness of the protective and curative health services by the analysis studies to be carried out by using HealthNET system.

DataSel integration solutions ensures that all necessary information is immediately obtained at different divisions of the institutions by complying with the authority classifications within HealthNET and that the patient care practices are fulfilled in the light of this information.

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