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Have your healthcare followed-up whereever and whenever you are. Keep the doctors busy while you are sleeping. Ease of use, mobility and life saving functionalities in telemedicine products.


Upon the rapid development of sensor and communication Technologies, many devices have gained the ability to measure such values as EKG, blood glucose value and blood pressure more accurately and healthily and submit them to the doctors for evaluation via the internet and mobile phone in home comfort without coming to the hospital environment. These devices ensure timely response by saving from both time and costs. As examples for these devices, EKG, Ultrasound, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose measuring, Blood Saturation Value measuring, scale and location follow-up devices can be listed.


EKG Device
This device makes EKG record with 1-12 connections for personal use for remote diagnosis and emergency service practices and transmits the recorded EKG signals to the call center via the internet or mobile phone. A PC-based receiving station received and displays the EKG sent at the call center. This small and user-friendly EKG keeps the patients under supervision and provides the doctors with a net, detailed EKG graphic record.
Practice and Features

  • Diagnosis of cardiac symptoms
  • Remote monitoring of the chronic cardiac patients from home/clinic

Ultrasound Device
Portatip Ultrasound imaging system is the device which has USB compatible Prob, screen and data processing capacity and which ensures that these images are recorded and sent to the call center for application.
Blood Pressure Measuring Device
This device is a home-monitoring system which is easy to use and which is for one-step application for the Hypertensive and Hypotensive Patients. This user-friendly device for one-step application allows the doctors to perform the routine blood pressure measurement in the comfort of their patients’ homes.
Blood Glucose Measuring Device
Upon the technical developments, the ability of the patients to measure their blood and urine glucoses by themselves by using teletıp compatible small portable blood glucose measuring device easily, reliably and in a short period of time has provided convenience to the doctor and the patient in diabetic treatment. By means of the blood glucose measuring device, the blood sample taken with blood glucose sticks and finger needling tool is sent to the receiving station of the call center by pressing on a single key.
Practice and Features

  • Measuring of the blood glucose value when required
  • Graphical Follow-up of the blood glucose value by sending to the call center over the web

Blood Saturation Value Measuring Device
This device ensures that the blood saturation values are very easily measures. This measured value is automatically sent to the Receiving Center of the Call Center over the internet or mobile phone.
This device makes routine weight control easy and effective. The only thing that the user has to do is to get on the scale. The weight of the user is automatically sent to the Receiving Center of the Call Center over the internet or mobile phone.
Practice and Features

  • Daily weight measurements
  • Sending this measures values to the call center and submitting them graphically over the web

Location Follow-up Device
This is the device which has been designed for detecting the location of the users in any place and at any time. It indicates where the user is at that moment by sending the GPS data to the Call Center for Application via the GSM sim card and GPRS data bus located on it. It forms a leg of the alarm system supported by the current personal emergency response system.
Call Center Receiving Station Software

This is the main center which has been designed for data collection and management. This user-friendly product is applicable to each type of Standard computer equipment. The database of this system designed for long-term usage provides various access and management options. The Call Center software supports all teletıp devices. Furthermore, different systems can be connected to each other over the web in order to support large-scaled service procedures.

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