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Fully integrated PACS products ease the burden on radiologists with highly authorized image sharing, smooth workflow, highly detailed images and effective data compression technology.


PACS (PACS-Picture Archiving and Communications System) is a software components platform for the areas which include imaging procedures such as radiology and medical cardiology / pathology. You can use Pacs systems in the scales imaging divisions of the small and medium-scaled hospitals and university hospitals including medical practices. The doctors use Pacs systems in order to increase their efficiencies in getting a diagnosis on medical images of their patients, to reduce the costs and to increase the quality in the health services.

pacs-isleyisiPACS (PACS-Picture Archiving and Communications System) is a Tele Radiology product which ensures that the conventional imaging devices are transferred to the digital platform and work integrated with the Electronic Image Archives. By means of PACS, such expenses as chemical solutions, bath units, phosphorus cassette which are purchased by paying thousands of dollar. By the removal of such time requiring procedures as bathing the films, moving the cassettes, waiting for the cassettes to be read in the scanners, the work processes are shortened and the patient traffic is reduced.

DataSel Radiology Information System or AviCenna Hospital Information Management System allows senior diagnosis opportunities in addition to the rapid and high quality service by working integrated with the systems of all PACS providers. DataSel PACS products provide reliable, rapid and easy access to the images in the electronic format obtained from the digital imaging devices. The images can be automatically archived preferably into such environments as CD, DVD. For high speed access, NAS or SAN systems including unlimited number of RAID systems can be used. DataSel PACS systems can easily perform a wide range of processes from small storage capacities to the high capacity archiving procedures at terrabyte level. The system provides the capacity to access to all images immediately at any time by easily connecting to various devices such as CT, MRI, ultrasound, conventional X-ray, cardiology, digital radiography, computerized radiography, nuclear medicine, and radiotherapy devices.
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