Central Speech Recognition System
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It is an automation solution which automatically converts all the medical reports into the reports in the health institutions in the speech recognition systems.



This solution considerably speeds up the medical report processes in the health institutions. At the same time, it saves human sources and time for the institutions to a remarkable extent. The user records the report by speaking without needing to use a computer and write. This data is collected in a center within the institution with another software application. The collected voice data is converted into writing in an automatic manner and transmitted to be integrated into the institution’s information system. This way, the medical staff will be more involved in their tasks and secretariat processes will be minimized.


It enables the physicians who work in the polyclinics of the health institutions to write the anamnesis and/or other reports in a fast and reliable manner.

In this respect, it is aimed that the physicians has minimal time loss in the data entry of the anamnesis information into the information management system. More data entry will allow faster examination for each patient’s examination and that the physician may have the chance to examine more patients, thus time saving is ensured. The system is an ideal solution tool for the physicians who do not know how to use a computer and/or are not fast at keyboard.

The Central Speech Recognition System is composed of the following main components:

    • Voice Data Reception / Sending
    • Voice Recognition
    • Central Data Collection Software
    • Report Edit and Medical Dictionary
    • Web Application
    • Reporting
    • Report Designing
    • User Security and Authorization
    • Information Services
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