Hand Held Terminals
When counting one-by-one is not Feasible
The solution to enable the accurate and speedy measurement of the current stocks in a hospital, wıthout the disruption of the daily flow of work. Utilize your resources more efficiently.


Counting of dispersed and thousands types of materials one by one in the hospital environment by using conventional methods and processing these materials into the system require long period of time and cost and even the accuracy of the data obtained by using these methods is doubted. It is a very critical process to rapidly and systematically count your material stocks being one of the most essential expense items of the hospitals and to process these material stocks into the system. In order to simplify this process and to prevent the user errors, it is essential to directly read and record the barcodes of the materials by using mobile handheld terminals.

The handheld terminal counting application that we have developed on the mobile barcode readers provides the opportunity of performing the counting procedures, which take a long time and during which such user errors as wrong material, wrong stock value are encountered most of the time, easily and without making mistakes.

In order to process the counting data within the solution, the counting data is loaded onto the plain value catalogue application. After this stage, the user makes storage (location) selection and then material selection and can access to the related records. It will be sufficient for the processor to enter and record the relevant stock value by calling up the field into which the value of the barcode / square barcode or material code is written in the area where the materials are displayed according to the selected criteria. The application can be made by using the touch-operated shortcut keys on the screen of the device.

As the stock catalogue file included in the hospital is loaded in the application, it is possible to access all material records easily. The counting procedure will end when the material record is automatically achieved after the material barcode is read with the barcode reader on the device and the user enter and record only the value of the amount. After the completion of the counting procedure, the counting file is accomplished by automatically recording the related counting data into the hospital database as synchronized with AviCenna Hospital Information Management System.

With the Handheld Terminals solution working integrated with AviCenna Hospital Information Management System, put an end the loss and waste of your limited resources.

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