Dikte (Voice Recognition Software)
More Time to Care for Doctors dikte_mini_y
It is now easy to write patient reports in a limited timeframe. You can now talk your report to your computer. It will understand you and put your words into written text.


Doctor Medical History Speaking sytem (Dikte) is an application that can work integrated with any application used by you and is useful for converting your speech into writing after recording. IT is possible to convert into writing the things you desire to write upon a short voice training and transfer them to the paper or files, e-mails in the eletronic environment by speaking to your computer. Converting the texts that you should write into writing only by speaking substantially saves your time.

The doctors working in the health enterprises have heavy responsibilities for preparing the medical documents related to their patients. They have to protect the patient informatin and at the same time, create the qualified reports required by the accreditation institutions. An environment that will fulfil the responsibilities should be provided to the doctors who are very busy for creating a realistic record system.
The physicians who have a busy schedule should be able to enter data without forgetting their opinions, requests and diagnosis related to their patients, without making any mistake and losing any data.
The optimization of the time sources requires better clinical workflow, more reliability and safety. With the Dikte product integrated with Avicenna, it is possible to record and monitor the data timely, instantly and correctly and prevent any medical error that may occur during the data entry due to reasons such as carelessness, forgetfulness or lack of knowledge. Since Dikte assures a reduction in the number of medical errors in the long term, it also ensures that the business processes will be accelerated, the workload will be reduced, and thus the satisfaction of the employees and income of the hospital will increase. Dikte tranfers the patient diagnosis, treatment and follow-up processes into the electronic environment due to the data entry by speaking in emergecny services as well as the outpatient services, and facilitates the entry of electronic health records.

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