Voice Recognition and Speech
Doctors shouldn't Waste Time Typing Reports
Wouldn’t you want doctors to spend the times which they will spent on the computer for the patient examination reports by examining more patients?


Anamnesis Speaking system ensures the information required to be recorded by all outpatient clinic doctors for more quality patient care to be imported to the system just by speaking. The sound record of the doctor is centrally collected and converted into writing by the speech recognition software. The converted text data is compared with the dictionary of medical terms, and the spelling mistakes are corrected, and then prepared to be recorded into the information systems. Thus, only by talking, a substantial time saving is allowed and more patients may be examined.

When reviewing the communication methods, it is seen that the most important method is the voice method because it provides fastest, easiest and mutually more effective communication. The reason is that we have applied the communication model with speaking in the personal communication for our lives, and we are naturally prone to such a communication skill. In addition, the voice communication provides a mutual and uninterrupted interaction and ensures that the messages will be more correct and effective.

One of the important purposes of the speech recognition systems is to allow the realization of the human-computer interactions, which is a complex process, by means of voice communication. It increases the importance of the voice recognition systems since they allow those people who have not the opportunity to use data entry devices such as keyboard, mouse and tablet due to the working clothes and materials and equipment required to be used or due to their medical incapabilities to use computer along with its advantages such as rapid and remote data entry and free scope.

Advantages of Speech Recognition Systems

  • Ease of use
  • Data collection speed
  • Free scope
  • Opportunity of remote data entry
  • Natural speaking
  • Balance of costs
  • Increase of security
  • Minimizing of errors
The speech recognition systems have become the solutions for which it is more possible to apply as the process power of the computers and the capabilities of the related programmes increase. By means of the speech recognition solutions allowing for vocally commanding to the running of the computers, you provide your health staff with the ability to take much care of the patients at the most required moments.

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