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The Hospital Information Management Systems (HBYS) ensure that the institutional, financial and clinic patient care functions of the hospitals are performed by using integrated and comprehensive computer systems in the digital environment.

By means of HBYSs, it is possible to perform the administrative functions such as invoicing and personnel management as well as performing the vital functions such as the information flow between different clinic departments in the hospital, the protection of this information, the transfer of the patients between the departments and the immediate share of the examination results between the departments.

DataSel integration solutions can be divided into two as the obligatory integration of the external public institution projects with the services rendered by the health institutions and the system integration of the commercial systems, which is required to be done within the health institutions.

  • Public institution projects

The integration of the data of Sağlık-NET project introduced by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey is an integration type that we can classified as XML-based integration which is performed by the standardization of XML files. It is possible to fulfill the compliance with HL7, Medla and Mernis projects through which the communication between the Web Services and computers by means of DataSel integration solutions as well as Sağlık-NET. You can obtain the more detailed information about the integration of the public institution projects by clicking on the following links:

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