Burn Center Software
Follow up your patient's healing process
DataSel Burn Center Information Management System is an application which is sold to our customers when necessary so as to be able to be easily integrated with other hospital information management systems and which can render service as an AviCenna module by being integrated with AviCenna HBYS when necessary.

By means of this system through which all administrative and medical procedures required to be performed from the occurrence of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burn cases to fully healing the patients can be automatically carried out step by step, the care procedures of the patients who need emergency aid are facilitated and accelerated and it is ensured that the patients heal as soon as possible.

yanik-moduluBurn center starts to record the patients by means of the software at various levels of burns. The event which caused the burn on the patient and the situational information are entered into the system. With the findings of the patient and the first intervention made, the follow-up and treatment process for the burn situation of the patient will be started. Based on the age of the patient, percentages are given according to the various parts of the body such as head, neck, chests, hands, perineum, hips, legs, calves and feet and also according to their being front or rear positions, and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree burn values are entered for the body. Relevant areas with the body graphics with front and rear representation are shown with colored graphics separately for the burn degrees and in compliance with the international standard. Age, weight, burn percentage, burn hour, hour of admission, daily and hourly fluid amounts to be given to the patient depending on the burn mechanism are all entered to the system. Scheduled treatment plans are applied to the patient from the day s/he was admitted to the center due to the burn case until the healing. Digital photographs of the patient are maintained in the system associated with the admission. In this way, developments of the patient in the treatment process could only be observed quite comfortably.


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