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Treat your patients at their homes. Let doctors meet at your patient’s home for pluralistic, widespread consultation. Instantly access your patients dispersed in remote areas. Save more lives.


Telemedicine is the rendering of remote information communication services and clinic health services using the networks such as telephone, Internet and GSM. These services can be rendered both on the consultation basis and on the diagnosis basis and also as the remote treatments.

Thanks to the telemedicine applications, it is now possible to overcome some severe problems such as access and urgency problems experienced in the rendering of health services.

TeleTıpTelemedicine is the rendering of health services via remote information communication. The efforts of the institutions in the health sector for providing quick, accurate and more quality treatment services gain more important because of the ever increasing elderly population and number of chronic patients. Especially the patients with higher education profile within the old age population prefer the remote treatment or home care services as an expectation from their high quality of life. Another important factor in this preference is the insufficiency of institutions that provide treatment services against the increasing demand. The most important point that will ensure the institutions to provide home care services is the technological structure and the integration of the appropriate Telemedicine equipment with the infrastructure to be set up.

While the Telemedicine services were primarily oriented towards the areas with insufficient or no service in the past, today, this priority has been changed, and the Telemedicine services have been oriented towards the in-home patient monitoring, military medicine, and usage areas that focus on improvement of the service and care quality.

The Telemedicine solutions provides a structure by which the treatment processes are generally analyzed, and various indicators about the diseases and care that will enlighten the health-related problems of society can be obtained; and ensures an efficient health data bank will be created.

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