Teletıp Solutions
Our Telemedicine solutions are based on TeleTip Net platform that is designed for providing primary health services to the patients in motion in places where there is a medical staff shortage and that supports the open system architecture. It can be used by the patients, physicians or corporations via Web. This duplex system ensures the basic vital findings and EKG records are received and interpreted by the specialist medical staff. It enables the patient to record them to the database under the patient’s file and monitor the patient’s own medical history.
  • Follow-up of patients’s health records
  • Consultation with physicians in other places
  • Remote monitoring of the cardiac patients
  • EKG information for the purpose of emergency service
  • Follow-up of patients’s health records considering the following parameters:
    • Blood Pressure
    • Weight
    • Blood sugar
    • SpO2
    • Spirometry values
  • Receiving additional parameters
  • Remote monitoring of chronic patients
  • Primary health system for the far areas
  • Authorized user name and passport
  • Remote Access Manager, creates access codes for users
  • Ease of use
  • Immediate access to data
  • Adding the comments and suggestions of an external physician
  • Remote EKG comments by the cardiologists via reliable Web access.
  • Easy device installation
  • Smart card reader
  • User friendly instructions on screen
  • Optional: video conference unit add-on
  • Multi-port card for the traffic applications flowing via extended line
  • Flexible and modular platform
  • Individual alarm setting for each patient and each parameter
  • SMS creation
  • Report preparation
  • Web connection

  • Numerous user login from same place
  • Provides quick and easy access for primary healt services
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Cost effective:
  • Reduces the health expenditures
  • Reduces the transportation expenses
  • Decreases the number of unncessary visits to emergency service
  • Immediate accessibility
  • Large database
  • Automatically receiving of transmitted data

    • Those who live far away
    • Pharmacies
    • Nursing homes
    • Accommodation villages and rest homes for retirees
    • National health services

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