Online Appointment and Medical Result Observation
Hospitals are on your fingertips. datasel_avicenna_hap_yazili

Now you can realize your hospital transactions and access your medical data anywhere you can get online!

It provides the opportunity to the hospitals, Hospital Groups or the hospitals included to the system to bring several applications to the web.

The members of the institutions that are a member of the system can make online appointment requests or directly make a polyclinic appointment. The member included to the system can see the available doctor, date and times and make a request for appointment of consultation. It can provide e-mail and sms reminder system for reminding the appointment both to the doctor and the patient.

The member patient can query any system member hospital for any retrospective medical document issues for him/her in the past and can take print outs of these documents if desired. Thereby, it will be ensured that the patient communicates with his/her data existing at the hospital in a fast and fluent manner without coming to the hospital.

The health personnel (doctors) at the hospitals included in the system can monitor and control the past data of their patients. All these processes shall be done by using the related technologies within the safety and confidentiality principles and with the approval to be granted by the patient. In this manner, it will be enabled for the doctor to access and observe the past data of the patient and place more correct diagnoses.
This system from where the patients can perform their hospital online-randevu-ve-medikal-sonuc-gozlemtransactions and access their data online, is a Java based Web application that has been developed on the DataSel’s software health platform. It has a flexible structure and easy integration features. Thereby, it can be made to work as a portal in which several hospitals are included via a central structure, however, any hospital can also operate this application independently. It includes all the technological, communication and safety standards provided by the software development health platform of DataSel. The application is a multi-layered architecture and never provides direct database connection.

In addition to using this system via internal, it is also possible to utilize applications developed on mobile equipment (Iphone, Windows Mobile based cell phones, etc.).

The addition of new functions to the ones such as polyclinic appointment, laboratory, radiology result observation, etc. is fast and easy.
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