The biggest telecommunications operator of UAE and one of the Top 20 listed operators worldwide has signed an MOU agreement with DataSel to extend its services to “mHealth” and “eHealth” while utilizing DataSel’s extensive know-how and expertise in healthcare informatics

The telco giant that reaches out to 180 Million people world-wide agreed on the initial agreement that was formed within the scope of 3 major subjects;




Using the latest technology, devices and DataSel’s software solutions to collect vital signs from patients while utilizing the communication infrastructure of Etisalat to adress the region’s requirements of Chronic Disease Management, Online/Remote/Real-time Patient Monitoring, Pre-Emptive Care and Diagnosis Support.



By utilizing Etisalat communication infrastructure, offering specific healthcare providers (small to medium sized polyclinics with 1-3 physicians) with the state-of-the-art, completely web-based and secure AviCenna® Clinical Management System (CMS) solution that is also compliant with ever-changing health-regulatory /authority rules & regulations with regards to claims and billing. This service will be offered in a SaaS model to be packaged with Etisalat services and extended but not limimted to DataSel & Etisalat Telemedicine services as well.



Cooperation within the scope of requirements and regulations given by health authorities regarding healthcare services reimbursement related “e-claims” management platforms where the interaction between the insurance companies and TPAs are interactively linked with the healthcare providers and patients.

This memorandum of understanding will be extended to an official agreement in the near future where the scope and the elements of the cooperation will be defined in more detail.

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