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One of the most reputable private hospitals of UAE; RAK Hospital, have chosen DataSel for the full automization of their 65-bed facility and 2 remote clinics. The “Joint-Commission International (JCI)” accredited organization that is managed by “Sonnenhof Swiss Health” and is a member of “The Swiss Leading Hospitals (SLH)”, have signed a 5 year agreement for the license and usage of AviCenna® Hospital Information Management Platform (HIS) along with AviCenna® JCI Accreditation Adapter. The Hospital’s expansion plans in the near future will also reflect on more services to come by DataSel. Furthermore, the 2011 “Hospital Build” award winning facility will be forming a strategic research and development partnership agreement to extend the available IT services to areas such as Telemedicine, Mobile Health and Chronic Disease Management to become the exemplary Healthcare IT unit in the region.

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